How to Play THE BEATLES’ “Come Together” on the 3-String Guitar

Tune up, plug in, and rock out to one of the Beatles’ most classic and riff-laden masterpieces. This arrangement is specifically for the 3-string guitar and was arranged to be played using a finger slide. It can, however, be played note-by-note whether you use a slide, or fret the notes without a slide.

The Tablature below corresponds to the video performance above.

The tuning for this song is Open G Tuning (G-D-G). To achieve this tuning, string your 3-string guitar up with the A, D, & G string from a standard 6-string guitar pack, and tune the strings to the notes G-D-G.

The key to playing this song correctly, is to think of it as two separate guitar parts that are being played simultaneously. The right-hand thumb is playing a bassline on each downbeat, and the rest of the fingers on the right hand pick the melody notes. It’s important to isolate the two parts and practice them separately in order to master this technique. This style of playing a melody and bassline simultaneously is popular in the “Mississippi Hill Country Blues” style of picking. To check out a complete lesson on this style CLICK HERE.

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The 3-String Guitar used in this video lesson was crafted by:
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