“Dust My Broom” 3-String & 4-String Lesson ~ Slide and Fretted Arrangements

In this lesson, I teach a beginner arrangement of Elmore James’s, “Dust My Broom,” for the 3-string and 4-string guitar.  While this song was originally recorded by Robert Johnson on solo acoustic guitar, it was the Elmore James version on the electric guitar that really emblazoned it onto every Blues band’s set list till the end of time!  The slide guitar riff that opens the song, and is repeated throughout James’ version, has become one of the most significant and influential slide guitar riffs in history, forever assuring his status as a true legend of the Blues.

The 4-String Cigar Box Guitar used in the lesson was built by Charles Atchison Folk Artisan.  www.CharlesAtchison.com.  He builds amazing handmade American Roots Instruments, and is the author of, “The Folk Art Instrument Builders Reference,” a comprehensive reference for builders on how to construct these guitars.

The guitar slide is a Justin Johnson Signature Slide from Rocky Mountain Slide Company.  I personally collaborated with Rocky Mountain Slide Company in Colorado to create the most versatile hand-crafted guitar slide on the market, and the result is a true tone beast!  You can find out more about the unique features of this slide design and get your own HERE.

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~Justin Johnson
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  1. nice version , thanx man……” let it slide “……………dusty


  2. Excellent lesson. You are very good at this. The information is clear and you know where we are likely to have problems (i.e. barring). Nice video. Thanks


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