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  1. Georg Engelbretson

    Why not turn the workshop into a jam?


  2. sheri lee prom

    Much love and success justin


  3. Justin you are a Great musician I love the Blues and other then B.B. King you are one of the Best I’ve seen so far.


  4. Very cool Justin. much love from Kentucky Hope to meet ya on the road


  5. I was always told I could never play my fingers was too short lol


  6. Thank you so much! I am 76 yrs. old and am just learning the 4 string so when I get old, I will have something nice to do!


  7. When will your one string diddley bow instructional dvd be avaiable again?
    I buily myself one following the Blind Kiwi video instructions – awesome.
    Would now love to be able to play it.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Sue, I expect to make the One-String Diddley Bow instruction available as a digital download within the next month or so. I will make a post here when that’s available, so if you’re subscribed to the blog here on Roots Music School, you’ll get the notice when that is available. Thanks!


  8. Dominic Skerry.

    Hi Justin,

    First, thank you for the instructional videos you have done which got my attention, enthusiasm and then started. I couldn’t find the shipping cost to UK for the shovel guitar anywhere on the site, how much would it be please and a little request please, would you consider doing an online video lesson breaking down how to play the ace of spades please.

    Thanks again for all your instructional videos, I would never have got started without them

    All best wishes,



    • Hi Dominic, International Shipping/Handling/Insurance on a Shovel Guitar from the US to the U.K. is a flat rate of $100, which is added at checkout when you order the guitar at http://www.justinjohnsonlive.com/shovel-guitar.html
      As far as the Ace of Spades tutorials, If you’re interested in specific instruction on a specific song that’s not in the tutorials I’ve put out, you can always reach out by email (justin@justinjohnsonlive.com). When I’m not on tour or in the middle of a recording project, I often offer Skype lessons.
      Justin Johnson


  9. Dutch Wigman

    Have you ever made a tab for a 3-string guitar of, “While My Guitar Gently Weeps? I enjoyed your “Sleepwalk”.


  10. Justin, thank you for all you’ve done to bring cigar box instruments to the people. You’ve taught me so much in such a short time, and re-awoke a love of music in me.
    Question, the Diddley Bow instructional DVD is sold out on your store, will you be getting more in?


  11. Hello Justin was just looking around the store was just wondering if your going to ever have 3 and 4 string CBG for sale any time?


    • Hi Don, I am currently building a limited run of 3-String and 4-String guitars. The guitars have Justin Johnson Signature Engraved Headstocks, Justin Johnson Signature Humbucker Pickups, and I personally set the string height, intonation, and electronics to my personal specs. I also autograph them. Email me at justin@justinjohnsonlive.com if you’re interested. Thanks!


  12. I’m absolutely in love with your music — so much so that I bought a kit to make a 3-string guitar. I’m so excited — but a bit nervous too! Looking forward to learning the 3 string. And hey, I listen to so much of your music. Thank you. 🙂


  13. Hi,
    Any chance that your instructional videos will be available online rather than DVD? I hope so.

    Thanks for what you do, love the music.


  14. Hi Justin. I have been following you for about a year now. Your love of craft shows and your zeal to promote Root and Blue is infectious. Thank you.

    My question concerns the usual when one falls in love with the Blue and the rest. I have recently purchased a gently used Gretsch semi-hollow body. However, at 59, my hand are not that nimble. I realize that learning to master the fret board will be a greater challenge. And so I was especially encouraged to read your suggestions that one should begin learning on either a 3- or 4-string guitar to find more enjoyment and success during this lifelong journey. I will probably follow with a 3-strung 4-string cigar box.

    Thus my questions. Having put the cart before the horse with the Gretsch can the bottom 3 or 4 strings on a 6-string be tuned and played in a similar manner, e.g., G-D-G-B or is this problematic given their higher register?

    Also, what are your thoughts on supplemental resources such as the Carl Fischer’s Guitar Grimoire – The Fingerpicking Book and Progressions & Improvisation. Or are these books a likely hindrance to your instructional series at this time and I would be better served with their purchase later when I am further along in my learning.


    • Hey,
      I’m glad to hear that you are digging’ Blues and Roots music, and I would definitely encourage you to experiment with different string and tuning options as you are getting to know the different techniques. If you would like to remove some strings from your Gretch to simulate a 3-string or 4-string I would leave the A-D-G strings on for the 3-string, and the A-D-G-B strings on for the 4-string. Make sure you keep the strings in the original string slots (on the nut). These nut slots are cut to fit the relative size of each string, and you want to keep that consistent. One downside to playing the 6-string with less strings is that you have a lot of extra fretboard space that is not being used, so it’s easy to fret out if you are playing the slide, and it’s a little unnatural feeling to play at first.
      I cannot personally vouch for either of those books you mentioned, since I haven’t seen them or used them, but I really like the Hal Leonard books I have seen, especially the ones for beginner theory and Jazz.


      • Justin, thank you for the timely response. I will get some of Hal Leonard’s works for guitar. I have decided to follow your more beneficial advice to stick with a 3-strung 4-string and leave the Gretsch as is. I’ll be getting two 3-string kits for my grandsons too and make some memories. Hopefully, we can give them the life long gift of music appreciation for Blue and Roots.



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